seo-imageWith our main office located in Sydney Australia, our hard working and enthusiastic global team are dedicated and committed in providing our clients with the highest quality Webmaster Services; from unique contents creation, unique CMS websites, top notch SEO and various proven link building solutions. Our team of professional and experienced experts will provide you with genuine 100% unique copyscape passed quality contents for your website & assist you in marketing and promoting your site using our effective SEO methods that will outrank and outlast your competitions. Please see our portfolio page for our recent SEO works.

Our primary goal is to help you kick start your website, provide real organic traffic, high quality backlinks from high authority websites, increase your SEPRS and Pagerank without breaking the bank. Please contact us for inquiries and quotes.

Why Choose Gavilles for your SEO

Because we can guarantee top ranking. We can pretty much rank any competitive keywords out there, but incase we can’t (very rare) we won’t make any commitments to you, in able to save both our time and efforts.  Aside from guaranteed rankings, our SEO services are far more affordable than bigger SEO companies, why? Because we don’t have 10 or 20 consultants to pay. We allocate 1 to 3 consultants per job to focus on that job alone and make sure the target is met.

Other larger SEO companies charge you between $1,000-$5,000+ per month depending on the keywords for SEO, with Gavilles SEO, that amount of money will set your SEO for a good 4-6 months, we’ll look after your website & ranking, we’ll make sure it stays where it supposed to be…;  your goal rank. Our relationship with our clients are more than just a business relationship, we treat them more of a good companion. We want to reach their goals, we want them to get more than what they have invested, we want them to succeed. Because their success is our success too.

Our SEO Approach

SEO is a fast pace industry, changes happens more often  than an average webmaster updates his site. That is why we have a unique approach when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. First is we will evaluate the website, keywords and competitions before we start performing SEO. If needed we will provide you with recommendations on how you can improve your website’s structure in order to make it more Google friendly, therefore your website will be a lot easier and quicker to rank. Our next step will then be  designing an effective link building strategy based on the results of our evaluation. The strategy varies from keyword to keyword. The designed link building strategy will then be implemented systematically, it is divided by stages to make sure it applied properly, complies with Google standard and to produce effective guaranteed results.

Every week,  a new link building stage is implemented and every week we also see results. Once these results shows up, our clients will be the first ones to know. So they will be up to date of how their site ranks and how effective our strategy is. Our unique and realistic approach separates us from other SEO companies and it is the main key why we can guarantee you a result within our set timeframe.

Our Team

Our team is composed of individuals that are experts in their respective field. We have seo account managers, seo consultants, copywriters, experienced link builders, webmasters and overall strategy manager.  We all complement each other and we all work together to achieve our client’s goal which is also our main goal.