The Advantages of Online Magazines

Digital publishing, electronic publishing, or e-publishing is the process of distributing information, literature, or music in digital forms. One of the forms of digital publishing is the online magazine. From the word itself, online magazines are publications that are distributed using the World Wide Web. They are almost the same as online newspapers or blogs, differing only on the editorial aspect. This means that articles and other materials put into this kind of magazine must adhere to the publisher’s requirements.

Some of the major publications have decided to make digital versions of their magazines available on the internet through websites that sell these magazines. Flash, pdf and html versions are available. Also called online publishing, companies that offer magazines have made extensive use of online magazine software, giving software developers another business opportunity. All these technologies converge to make magazine publications even more accessible around the world.

There are many advantages to digital magazines. First and foremost, like other digital media they are convenient, both for the publisher and the user. It is advantageous for the publisher because of the ease of production, for the user because there is no need to go out to the nearest bookstore to get the magazine of choice. Another advantage is that there is no space limit to the storage of digital magazines. Publishers can store backup copies of print magazines no matter how many. It will be limited only by the size of the available storage on its servers. The same can be said for the consumer, who can collect all the magazines they want on their hard drive. No need for magazine racks and no more running out of shelf space. The absence of wear and tear of online magazines is another plus. You can keep your magazine as clean and clear as it was new, unlike its paper counterpart that can fade, tear, dog ear, the usual paper aging problems. One of the more significant advantages is that digital magazines are environment-friendly because they do not use any paper.

With all these advantages, you will be happier reading your favorite iPad magazine. It is a well-known fact that tablet reading devices have made online magazines even more popular. Studies show that in 2 years’ time, half of all the major publications will be available in digital format, and half of the whole reading population in the U.S. will be reading online magazines; all the more reason to enjoy your Android magazine.

A subtype of the digital magazine is e-magazines that are distributed only in digital form, examples of which are the newsletters and specialized mags that users subscribe to and receive on their email.

SEO friendly website development

The Foundation of the modern SEO friendly website development

In designing a website, you have to know the basics. You have to know what it takes to create a website design and follow through its development. The best and proven way to achieve this is by learning the basics – to know the foundations that make a website successful. Think of this, when you build a house or a building, you first have to have a solid foundation so it will stand and can withstand various problems through time. It is generally the same for websites, without a proper foundation, your website will be a non-functional page in the World Wide Web. After all, you want a website that functions that will make some profit for you.

Know your keywords

If you opt for modern search engine optimization (SEO) friendly website development, you must know the foundation of what drives the website to the top of search engines using SEO. What is that important foundation? It is having the right keywords. You create a website because you are targeting certain people on the internet. You have to know the keywords they use in finding what they want online. You have to use the right keywords that will propel your target audience to your website. A graphics design for your website with the right SEO campaign will be very effective and efficient if you have the right keywords to drive web traffic to your website and ultimately, more people.

In order to find the right keywords, you can use two options: the Wordtracker and Overture. The Wordtracker is very popular and for most professional users, it is a very effective tool. This one provides hundreds of millions of keyword records. In order to use the features of WordTracker, you have to pay for its services. By becoming a paid member, you can enjoy competition search and misspelling search. For experts, using the paid services of WordTracker is very worthy and it will bring result for your website. The other one, the Overture, provides free service; however, it is not that efficient that Wordtracker, Overture still is an invaluable keyword research tool when used correctly. Still, with proper use, this Overture can provide a big boost to your website development that is SEO friendly.

For starters, getting the service of experts such as web design Sydney can be a good beginning in website development. In this case, you have to be prepared to pay for their services. In addition, you have to follow through after the expert do the start-up job for you. Maintaining and improving your website must be done constantly. SEO Sydney can be a big help in doing that.

In the end, the best way to optimize your web design using SEO is by going back to the basics and from there, improve everything. Having a rock solid foundation, which is keywords research, can make or break your venture online.

Bulk SMS Services – An Effective Tool of Doing Business

Bulk SMS services are an effective marketing tool of promoting products and services. This is a specialized feature of mobile phones in sending out short messages of text messages.

However, it is a more convenient way of sending out information, alerts, notifications as well as promotional offers. By using special software, the feature is enabled making it possible to send SMS to a large number of people.  Many media enterprises as well as businesses employ this technique to reach out many people. Banks can send alerts through bulk sms when giving out fraud warnings to its customers.

In addition, through its customers learn of promos and offers. By way of sms service, information and communication are disseminated in greater population. Transmitting individual texts can be consuming and expensive that is why more businessmen prefer bulk messaging. In addition to its reach and convenience, it is also a cheap alternative to high rolling advertisements. Research had shown that more people are now using mobile phones in accessing their e-mails and text messages. At most times they would reach for that goods and services flashed in their mobiles rather than read a glossy magazine.

Advertising or promoting merchandise had become technologically savvy. Paying for the goods and services goes the same way. This system is called mobile payments. A seamless and fraud -free payment system it is also called mobile wallet. In many countries, it is the preferred method of paying for the goods and services bought.  Unlike the cumbersome filing of billing papers and endless litany of numbers mobile payment involves simple steps. Companies such as media enterprises, service providers, communication and telecommunications send premium sms services to customers or users.

This feature of mobile payment is a sort of billing method. In this trouble-free scheme, a customer sends a request for disbursement of a certain product or service. Usually it is forwarded to a number code that put in a certain charge. This premium charge is then deducted from the mobile wallet or is paid through the mobile payment system. The provider in turn confirms the payment and delivers the items. Normally, digital goods such as ringtones, music video and songs are the items paid for in mobile transactions. However, popular services such as dining out and buying tickets are now accessed through premium sms. The purchase of these services is confirmed though the deliveries of special bar codes. These bar codes are presented for scanning in the establishment where they are consumed or used. An example is when entering a movie house. Instead of standing in line for tickets, you conveniently flashed the codes in you mobile device. Indeed, a hassle free and expedient payment system.

Free Music Downloads From One Of The Worlds Best Free Music Download Sites

What makes music downloading coo? Does the download site need to be expensive and popular? Does it have to be legal? Does it have to be free?

Spending few minutes surfing on the internet will give you a plethora of websites that offer music collections, which are free to download. And since these sites offer their music free of charge, this is really a great thing for you because you will not have to spend for your music downloads. In fact, many of these sites come with facilities that allow you to build your own playlist or create a library for your MP3 collections. With these libraries, you are also allowed to save not only audio files but video files as well.

Many music artists make use of these free download sites as excellent ways for them to promote their music. Since these music collections are free, they offer a great way for people to get samples of the songs and music being endorsed and promoted by these artists.

There are also free music downloads sites that ask for a one-time fee for their registration. After the registration fee has been paid, you will soon have unlimited access on the site and will be allowed to download as many music files as you want from the site.

Of the many free music downloads sites, there is one that takes pride of its music files and services. The name of the site is and is currently one of the most reliable sources of free music downloads of millions and millions of music enthusiasts all around the world.

Guvera has the widest listings of music collections compared to any other types of free music download sites out there. As a matter of fact, Guvera comes with more than three million songs so this is really the best place where you can satisfy your music needs. This site comes with the best and freshest collections such as pop, rock, jazz, gospel, blues, country, and many other types of music.

Guvera also comes with a facility that does not only allow you to download free music but also build your own playlist as well. Aside from that, this site also features the top artists of the world today. You are also given the assurance that this site is a hundred percent free and legal so you never have to worry on music that’s illegally downloaded. With all these great treats from Guvera, you are assured that you will be digging songs that are legally offered for free. And since this site has no disruptive ads, downloading your music becomes hassle-free. Visit today and see the difference.

The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for how many years now since the emergence of the internet. For successful internet marketers, it’s an ageless method to advertise your products and build trust to both your clients and potential customers. It doesn’t take much of your effort since you just have to make sure you have bunch of email lists, and have valuable information to share on them. A lot of small businesses around the internet have become successful with this method but you must also be aware that like many other marketing techniques, it has advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros

There are countless ways that email marketing can help both big and small businesses. Here are the lists of advantages of using the email marketing:

  • Cost- Effective – Based on statistics, email marketing have huge “return of investments” than other methods in marketing like radio and TV ads, billboards, posters and more. In every dollar spent, the business owner can get about $15 dollars in return. You didn’t pay for advertisers, you didn’t pay for TV and Radio appearance which cost bucks—just effort on sending emails and researching for valuable information for them to make use of. It’s the perfect method especially for those who are just starting up on their small business.
  • Fast and easy – After building your email lists, you can just then send your mails out of your list. It’s easier and not that complicated compared to other methods. Aside from that, there are already numbers of software that helps you in sending out the mails automatically which makes the process faster. Comparing with other methods, email marketing can give you faster results which will only take hours and days.
  • Build Long Lasting Relationship with Clients – in marketing, there’s nothing more important than making your client stick with you. In order to do this, you need to have constant communication and they must see you valuable. In the long run, as you continue to send them out emails and giving them valuable information, asking for their comments and feedbacks, or even asking what they want to know about, you will be able to build a long lasting relationship with them. On top of that, since you directly send out emails right on their inbox, it’s a more personal approach than just sticking a poster, paying for billboards, or just flashing your products on screen.

The Cons

Like any other marketing schemes, email marketing has also downsides. Here are the following:

  • Being labeled as SPAM – people nowadays gets tired of receiving “spam” mails from other businesses. It’s natural for them to see your email also as spam.
  • Other companies might copy the content of your mails –Just like in the real world fraud is inevitable on the web. One disadvantage of this marketing is that small businesses might just copy your contents and send them to their own list and claim that it came from their company.

As a rule of thumb on this marketing, it’s very important that you get your own list of contacts rather than buying on email lists for sale to prevent from being labeled as scam. Email marketing is the surest way to generate sales leads and bring your internet business into a success. Why not try it?

Google +1 Button: How it Affects SERPS & Google Site Link Updates

The Google +1 button has recently been trending among various forums and discussions about its importance, role, and effect on a website. Google +1 is part of Google’s recent surge in the internet that has revolutionized the face of social networking and the general way to how people go about the internet. The Google +1 button was primarily viewed to be Google’s counter-punch against the Facebook “Like” button. Mainly branded as the “this is pretty cool, I recommend this” button that signifies your approval in a certain website, it has recently created quite a stir of discussions over the internet.

Most webmasters might have noticed a hidden feature of this button that can change the face of website’s forever. It has been one of the hottest trending discussions around the web as to how effective the Google +1 button is at improving your website’s ranking on SERPs. Though Google has not officially confirmed anything in connection of their +1 button to the improvement of website SERP ranking, most people are actually coming up with sturdy evidence as to how effective integrating the Google +1 button can be for a website. Many have reported their website climb up a few ranks on SERPs after a few days of putting up the +1 button on their websites, this happens when the searcher is logged in to their Google account and some of their circle friends have “plussed” the website. You would figure that the button might possibly help with your website rankings as we are seeing more and more people putting up the Google +1 button on their websites.

In another area of Search, Google seems to be bulking up the process of their search results with a recent update on one of their SERP features. Google Site Links have seen its own fair share of updates, having been overhauled to display the full spectrum of site links for a website when a keyword search perfectly matches an authority site or when it a search term is associated with a website, meaning when the search matched your websites name or brand. If your website has many site links hosted on it and someone searches for the name of your website, you are most probably going to populate the whole area in the first page of the search results which is very beneficial for your business in terms of brand awareness and visibility, so make sure you set your website structure right to take advantage of this. Contact us if you need a hand or advise.

Gavilles Google Sitelinks (Click to see larger image)

Social Media is now becoming a must to most businesses to survive

There is no denying that the world has undergone, or still is experiencing, a rapid social media hype phase over the past two or so years… and it is no longer economically viable as a business to ignore this emergence in the global industry. Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and MySpace continue to draw millions of users, all of which are potential consumers to the products and services your business may offer. This is where social media optimization (SMO)comes in as a crucial tool to ensuring that you get the most out of the demographics that lie in the targeted social site. The basic principle behind social media optimization is to draw a good amount of traffic to your site. It is therefore not surprising that after search engine optimization, social media optimization has become one of the most used techniques for the online promotion of a website and it is for this very reason that SMO is crucial to the online success of your business.

There are generally two categories of SMO methods, which if fully exploited and applied in social media, in the right way, will boost your return on investment;

1.       Promotional activities such as comments, competitions, discussions and status updates or news and reviews which would all lead to elements and links on your website to draw the traffic you desire.

2.       Social media content and features such as RSS feeds, images, sharing buttons, polls, user ratings and third party functionalities like videos and images which are proving to be more and more popular on the social sites.

Although reaching out to social communities to boost your brand image and margins is not an entirely new concept, the potential surrounding it is obviously enormous. The key to social media is to know how to leverage it and this would in turn depend on your ability and creativity to attract engage and converge both new and old visitors to your site. To achieve the desired results however, you have to identify what your desired market is and establish what it is that if you do, will evoke the strongest and most effective reaction from your potential consumer. Once you discover what this is, you may choose the site you wish to leap frog onto. It is important though to take time to understand the focus of each individual site. It is better to create online campaigns geared toward specific social media sites rather than splashing it over all over the Web. Also resist the temptation to spam all over the web and remember that the more unique your strategy, the more exciting it will turn out to be to your visitors and the greater the likelihood that they will subscribe to whatever it is you wish them to purchase.

At Gavilles SEO we write unique articles and landing pages like this merchant account page

Article Creation and Submission

One of the most effective SEO strategy is submitting unique articles to high quality article directories and embedding a couple of links in it, this helps in getting those links indexed in Google and attain high ranking. Here are some of the sample unique articles we have created and the directories we have submitted it to.

You can do the same thing too, its not hard and its free. Good luck!

The power of Internet Marketing

There was a time when marketing was done inside of a rather small box. You could make a commercial for television, put an ad in a newspaper or magazine or simply go and hand out flyers. While these methods are still used to varying degrees, the Internet has changed the way marketing works. There are a number of ways that Internet marketing has changed our advertising world.

Internet marketing has exploded through e-commerce. This is the act of buying and selling products or information online. E-commerce is powered by Internet marketing, and can not be accomplished without some type of marketing plan. While many e-commerce businesses use traditional marketing methods, the majority of what they do is online.

Internet marketing is done in many ways, but one of the most popular is through Google ads. Google ads are placed on content throughout the Internet, and then those ads are viewed by people. People click on the ads, and then get sent to your website for money making opportunities. You then pay Google a predetermined cost for the click. This is called PPC (pay per click) and has been around for a while.

Another effective Internet marketing plan is that of social media optimization. This means using blogs, websites, social networking websites, press releases and the like to spread the word about your business or website. You can do this by commenting on blogs, websites and so on and leaving your links to your website. Some do it through posting articles and press releases. You can also use social networking sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Twitter or the ever popular Facebook. These websites can send your social media optimization through the roof and they are the most common way to make your website a viral sensation. Many are now using YouTube to post videos about their business or website.

Affiliate marketing is yet another way to send your Internet marketing efforts through the roof as it leverages the power of many. You can sign up at Clickbank or any number of affiliate marketing places, and sign up to have others promote and tout your business or product. Every time someone makes a sale for you, you pay a commission to them. This gives them incentive to sell more great products, and make you even more money. The circle is fantastic because they post advertisements all over the web trying to sell your product, thereby increasing your clout and SEO in the process.

SEO is search engine optimization and it is at the core of every Internet marketing effort. This is the method that one uses to make sure that the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo list their websites in the search engines. When someone puts in your keywords, you want your website to be listed at or near the top of the search engines.

Internet marketing is not limited to these methods, but this represents many of the most common ways. If you own a business or website, then learning about these important methods can mean a great deal to your success.

Facebook Like and Share

Have you noticed lately that there are more and more websites with the Facebook “Like” button and the Facebook “Share” button? There are many reasons why this is happening, and those reasons will be explained in details.

First, let’s go over some facts:

  • Facebook is the second most visited website on the web, and it is just right behind Google.
  • In Facebook, anytime when a friend of yours has updated his or her Facebook status, it will show up on your newsfeed.
  • If somebody has 1,000 friends on his list, and he hits the “Like” button on one of your updates, then all 1,000 of his friends would see that he has liked your update, and some might take a look at it, and perhaps hit the “Like” button as well.

What does this all tell you? If I place a Facebook “Like” or “Share” button on my site, and you (with 2,000 friends) thought that my site was very interesting, then there is a possibility that you will hit the “Like” button or share the site with your friends. Afterwards, all your friends would be able to see a link to my site in their newsfeed.

Almost every webmaster is eligible for this feature. Who is not eligible for such feature? If your website contains pornography, gambling, or anything illegal, then you are not eligible. You cannot use the feature in a way that is harmful, deceptive, or in any way that is objectionable to Facebook. Facebook will not allow webmasters to use the feature for online advertising. For example, you cannot put the “Like” button on a squeeze page for your product that you want to sell.

Why is social media becoming a trend for webmasters to get traffic? Let’s say you have a blog that talked about the discovery of a flying dog. Do you think people would search randomly on the internet for flying dogs, or would people find your site because somebody they knew told them about this site that is showing flying dogs? In order for people to discover your site, you will rely heavily on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. It can go viral in a matter of minutes when one person discovers your site because if that person finds your site interesting, then that person will share with all the people they know. You can think of it as a snowball effect, and sooner or later, you will end up with thousands of unique traffic to your website.

Some webmasters had experienced 100,000+ unique hits within an hour because of social media traffic. The word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire, and some websites had experienced temporary shutdown issues because of the large amounts of bandwidth in such a short period of time.

Other webmasters who found your site through social media sites might end up linking to your site so you end up with free links for doing almost nothing. Some webmasters believe that social media will soon dominate over search engines in terms of getting traffic to their sites.